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BIG News: New Mission & Vision Has Been Approved

Nueva Esperanza is happy to announce that on the beautiful evening of Monday April 17th the Nueva Esperanza Board has approved a new Mission and Vision. It is as follows:

MISSION: Nueva Esperanza exists to be a catalyst and partner for a vibrant, sustainable and powerful Puerto Rican/Afro-Caribbean community in Holyoke.

VISION: Nueva Esperanza’s vision is to be a hub for community, creation, and culture for the Puerto Rican/Afro-Caribbean community.

  • Creation: By creating new opportunities through social justice and community education focusing on leadership and creative youth development, we continue moving both the organization and the community forward.
  • Community: Maintaining and expanding Nueva Esperanza’s property assets will make us leaders by example in how members of the community can take ownership of their neighborhoods and get more involved within their communities.
  • Culture: To strive to become a Puerto Rican/Afro Caribbean Cultural Center that keeps our traditions, art, and history alive within our communities.

“As a board we look forward to putting this new vision and mission into motion as soon as possible.” Exclaimed Samuel Mateo, Jr. (Board Member) “We look to make strides to reach the Puerto Rican and Afro Caribbean community in Holyoke and make this a safe and thriving community. Using every tool in our disposal to do so.” He added that they are also in the process of hiring a new Executive Director and soon will be putting out a job listing.

Nueva Esperanza is moving ahead and looking forward to build on its legacy.

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