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Holyoke PAM Project


Make your voice heard and show what matters to you through the Holyoke Participatory Asset Mapping (PAM) Project. PAM is a community quality-of-life survey project lead by a collaborative partnership between Olde Holyoke Development, Nueva Esperanza, Inc., UMASS Amherst, and various community organizations.

The goal of the PAM Project is to collect and disseminate information about what makes up Holyoke’s cultural assets, from the perspective of local residents. We have gathered information from interviews and other studies focused on everything from cultural activities to historic landmarks and social organizations. All this information is available through PAM website for the community’s benefit. This compilation is not intended to be conclusive. The PAM website was designed to gather information directly by people who live in Holyoke, make its history, and want to share their opinions about what is important and should be valued in the city. The information we gather is dedicated to the community in achieving its goals.

Take the survey today by visiting and enter to win $100! The survey does take about 15 minutes to complete.

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