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It takes a village.. Thank you!

It takes a village, Nueva Esperanza would like to thank individuals and groups who have decided to donate directly to Nueva Esperanza to help us through this time of intense work and support our mission and programming we are doing.

This generosity began with a woman who came in yesterday and said I want to donate directly to your organization. “Earlier today I also donated to the Puerto Rican relief fund but you too are important,” she said. Furthermore, Nueva Esperanza would like to thank you to former Board Member Alan Gilburg who also donated generously to our organization, in gratitude for the work that we have been doing.

Today’s story is equally as moving. Marcotte Ford in Holyoke today donated $1,000 to assist Nueva cover its costs for packing/shipping materials in relation to its Hurrican Maria efforts.


It is because of great Holyoke companies/organizations like Marcott that Nueva Esperanza is allowed to do the work that we do.

Our Executive Director Nelson Roman and Neighborhood Association President Carmen Ocasio were called to Marcott for a meeting and were surprised by this generous donation.

Thank you to all of these organizations and individuals, together we can achieve more.

– Team Nueva Esperanza Inc.

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