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Meet the new Neighborhood Coordinator

FullSizeRender-5Jose Colon, Neighborhood Coordinator

The Board of Directors recently appointed Jose Colon as the Neighborhood Coordinator. Jose coordinates Nueva Esperanza’s presence and community relations, which include public information, community outreach, and community affairs. He is tasked with assisting efforts to organize neighborhood councils and helps develop strategic initiatives around issues impacting inner-city residents. He also helps with organizing residents, businesses, city leaders and other community organizations to provide the community with the representative voice they deserve for their future and the future of their community. Jose helps promote citizen involvement in city government and provides the safe space residents need to have dialogue.



Miguel Arce Reunites with Nueva Esperanza, Inc. 

Miguel Arce now re-joins Nueva Esperanza to assist Jose Colon in his new role and to help guide the Board of Directors through its reorganization process. Miguel was Nueva Esperanza’s first Executive Director beginning in 1984. The Board as well as Jose is very excited about this reunion and we look forward to work with Miguel.

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