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Carlos Vega will always be remembered!

“The flag at City Hall will fly at half-staff to honor the passing of long-time community organizer Carlos Vega.

Vega, 61, died Thursday at his home in Holyoke after a long battle with brain cancer. Friends and family had gathered this week to hold vigil with the former Nueva Esperanza executive director, who endured 5 surgeries over the past 15 years”…Click to Read More

“Venturing into the world of good deeds and hard fights demands a strong will to take bold steps; from the start, Carlos did just that. Not once, not too many times but all the times. With friends, allies and the mislead, Carlos was patient, kind, candid, strong and gracious. Nueva Esperanza, the Latino families and many of us, young and old, have our lives touched in in progressive ways thanks to Carlos Vega –the man of honor and courage. Let us imitate his nature and replicate his work.” -Board of Directors of Nueva Esperanza, INC.

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