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New Year, New Us. Say Hello to the New Board!

From left to Right Laura Pantoja, Dan Battat (Board Secretary), Jason Ferenc, Rosa Pantoja (Board President), Carlos Peña, Amneris Villanueva, Juan Gabriel Sanchez Sanchez (Vice President), Reina Lorenzi (Board Treasurer), Not pictured Samuel Mateo, Jr.

At our much anticipated annual meeting a new board of directors was elected last night, Thursday the 24th of January, on location at the Puerto Rican Afro-Caribbean Cultural Center of Holyoke.

We are honored to welcome back some board members from a year ago, Rosa Pantoja, Dan Battat, Samuel Mateo, Jr., Carlos Peña, Juan Sanchez and Jason Ferenc.

We are very excited to welcome new to the board Amneris Villanueva, Laura Pantoja and Reina Lorenzi. More on them soon on our staff page.

New officers were also elected and are as follows: Rosa Pantoja (Board President) Juan Sanchez (Vice President) Dan Battat (Board Secretary) Reina Lorenzi (Board Treasurer)

Nueva Esperanza is writing a new chapter in its storied history and this new board looks forward to the challenges of continuing to make the Phoenix Rise.

A big thank you to all board member from this past year for helping to lift Nueva up from the ashes to where it is today; Irene Feliciano-Sims, Mildred Lefebvre and Joshua Garcia.

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